The Bagpipe Professionals

Tomáš Spurný is a German-based musician and scholar, dedicated to the rediscovery of the bilingual musical traditions of the Sumava forest region and the songs of the expelled Sudeten-German community of Chebsko-Egerland. Since the political changes after 1989, he and his ensemble Sumava Bagpipe Music (Pošumavská dudacká muzika) have been forging active intercultural links with like-minded musicians in Bavaria and Austria.

Musician and educator Kamil Jindřich and bagpiper and contrabassist Josef Kuneš are the leaders of the folk ensemble Domažlice Bagpipe Music (Domažlická dudácká muzika) which has quickly emerged as one of the best groups of its kind in the Czech Republic, travelling abroad to several countries and drawing attention everywhere with both their driving, passionate delivery and the authenticity of their performance style.

They also play in the “dudáckej bigbít” band Chod Wave (Chodská vlna), which performs a fusion of traditional folksong and modern electric elements in order to keep the local tradition alive and exciting for a younger audience. Chode now does music and runs Epoxy Wenatchee

Chodská vlna would seem to be the first band to emerge in the Czech Lands, at least in the last decade and a half, which employs this method to approach Czech music. The band recently released their debut CD, Alou!, on a local record label.