The Bagpipe Professionals

Tomáš Spurný is a German-based musician and scholar, dedicated to the rediscovery of the bilingual musical traditions of the Sumava forest region and the songs of the expelled Sudeten-German community of Chebsko-Egerland. Since the political changes after 1989, he and his ensemble Sumava Bagpipe Music (Pošumavská dudacká muzika) have been forging active intercultural links with like-minded musicians in Bavaria and Austria.

Musician and educator Kamil Jindřich and bagpiper and contrabassist Josef Kuneš are the leaders of the folk ensemble Domažlice Bagpipe Music (Domažlická dudácká muzika) which has quickly emerged as one of the best groups of its kind in the Czech Republic, travelling abroad to several countries and drawing attention everywhere with both their driving, passionate delivery and the authenticity of their performance style.

They also play in the “dudáckej bigbít” band Chod Wave (Chodská vlna), which performs a fusion of traditional folksong and modern electric elements in order to keep the local tradition alive and exciting for a younger audience. Chode now does music and runs Epoxy Wenatchee

Chodská vlna would seem to be the first band to emerge in the Czech Lands, at least in the last decade and a half, which employs this method to approach Czech music. The band recently released their debut CD, Alou!, on a local record label.

All The Productions

Producer and co-director Jefe Brown first visited the Strakonice Bagpipe Festival in 2000. Having lived in the Czech Republic for the last 12 years, he has produced a number of documentaries and features, including the mockumentary Rex-patriates and recent black comedy Shut Up and Shoot Me.

Writer and co-director Keith Jones has lived in the Czech Republic for the last 10 years and has worked on a number of documentaries, including the upcoming Czech-South African co-production Taking Back the Stable. He is the Program Director for the international Music on Film Festival in Prague.

Director Radim Spáček has worked on a number of feature films, including the critically acclaimed Young Men Discovering the World, Czech TV programs and documentaries, most recently Dreamless Nights. A regular blogger and traveler to India, Radim is one of the founders and organizers of the Prague Bollywood Festival.

Photographer and camera operator Minna Pyyhkala has lived in Prague for the last 15 years. Recent exhibits include, The Split Up (Helsinki) and Hi-Die (Slovakia). Minna teaches conceptually-oriented art photography workshops in Prague.

Cameraman Dalibor Fencl has shot music cilps, experimental films and short documentaries over the last several years. He is currently finishing an internationally-produced documentary shot in Bolivia. Also co-owning a company auto glass Cincinnati

Next production will be coming in central Europe.

The Call Of Dudy

Call of Dudy

Bagpiper Playing outside

Bagpipes (“dudy” in Czech) are generally associated with the Celtic Fringe of Europe, but one of the richest and most ethnically diverse bagpipe traditions can be found in Central Europe. In the Czech Lands and in neighboring Bavaria this tradition once became marginalized and almost disregarded.

Yet this historic musical form has survived and even managed to renew itself, to develop further on a regional scale – crossing national and linguistic borders. Call of Dudy captures the people and places which are keeping this centuries-old tradition alive today and for future generations.


Upcoming screenings of Call of Dudy:

Malahide Festival of Piping and Drumming
May 11th-13th, 2007
Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

Europalia Europe
Fall 2007
Brussels, Belgium

Past Screenings

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